Facing Reality: Some Things Just Don’t Go Your Way

Facing Reality: Some Things Just Don’t Go Your WaySomehow, it is difficult to find out that you have not much control with some parts of your life no matter how much you want to change it. There are just some factors that could disrupt you and can make you question yourself. If you’ve ever felt like this, you’re not alone—Trott felt the same way too. It is as if there is no other way… you are stuck and you just don’t seem to be in the right place anymore.

Yes, sometimes, we really have to sacrifice some things we love the most. Will Trott Birmingham had to do that. He has to face the inevitable change. Ever since he was a kid, he always dreamed of playing sports. At a young age, he already joined swimming competitions and in high school, he joined the football and baseball teams. He was already at the height of his career as a young and determined individual, but things suddenly changed when he got injured.

He became unable to do the things he used to do. Though there was a time in college when he tried out skiing. However, after two years, he had to stop once again still due to the injuries he had. It is evident that he still tried to pursue sports, but the injuries became the hindrance. But this opened more doors for him.

He continued to study forestry and horticulture. Yes, it sounds very far from his actual likes, but he further hones his capabilities when it comes to science. A few years after, he turned to work in the medical sales field up to present. This only proves that we should not feel too devastated when things don’t go our way. Trott did not fail to discover more things about himself and he never gave up.